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Long term player answers to frequently asked questions

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1. I am in a Free For All sector and seems I can not get ahead, what should I do?
- When you are low level and trying hard to gather resources and have everyone killing your mining ships, stealing your salvage and attacking your base every time your bubble pops're screwed. Re-locate to a no-hit-in-sector sector, they are the majority of the sectors available and most, not all, do help you get ahead so you too can enjoy the game.
2. There is this one guy who keeps killing my miners and attacking my base, how do I keep him off my back?
- Every sector we know of has one or more Bully in it. These players enjoy picking on the new players who they KNOW do not have the capability to properly defend themselves. Our suggestion is to make a really STRONG base and keep your warehouse levels really low. Most attackers will not bother to attack a base if it not worth their effort or lost ships.
3. Every day when I log in, all of the ships I had mining were attacked and now need repairs, what do I do?
- Common sense: If you leave ships to mine when you LOG OUT - DO NOT expect them to still be there when you log back in. Do your mining while you are online and recall all ships just before you log out.
4. I am level 9. What should I be working on to level up really fast?
- Do not worry about leveling up really fast. Your main concern should be building a really strong Base and nothing else.
5. When should I begin building ships to fight with?
- We believe that you should be Base building until you are able to build the Sea Wolf which is the first true fighting ship available to you.
6. I seen this one player with a Yellow Dreadnaught that had a weapon that fires 1 shot and destroys anything it hit, where do I get that ship?
- Yellow Dreadnaughts do not exist, they are created by Hackers. There is no weapon that fires 1 shot and kills what it hits. Do a screenshot or make a video of this player and REPORT it to Kixeye as soon as possible. This player has used a script to HACK into the game.
7. I built an awesome ship but gets killed too easy when I go into battle with another player, what did I do wrong?
- You built a ship with little or no armor, it can not survive getting hit. NEVER sacrifice armor in order to put more weapons on a ship. Your ships may not kill as quick but they will survive long enough to win most battles.
8. How do we stop all these players from attacking in sector?
- You can not stop them. There are in-sector attackers in every sector that we know of. Build a strong Base. Send out alerts if you see them attacking. Hit them back! Do not let them get away with it. You may not win, because these wimps only prey on the weak players to Bully them - their mother never hugged them enough when they were small or something like that. Anyway, do attack them back. Use a rocket on their Docks and leave the battle. Do this every 3-4 hours unless they are also Bubble Babies who hide in a bubble all the time.
9. This one player always has fleets to fight with, even when he loses 20-30 fleets in an hour. Is he coining the repairs?
- Face the facts, there are some players who coin the repairs, money is not a problem to those who have money to spend. There are also an awful lot of players who still use the Instant Repair glitch/cheat which Kixeye has not fixed yet. You can't do anything about cheaters, only Kixeye can and so far, in our opinion, they are not too concerned about installing anti-cheat code into the game.
10. Why is it so hard to attack someone leaving a Base Battle, their ship moves instantly once a battle is over.
- There is in use by thousands of players, a cheat to escape getting attacked while leaving any battle. This cheat has been around since the game started and is in wide use by an awful lot of players. Other online games have coded their games to prevent such abuse, cheating. Kixeye is well aware of this cheat and in our opinion, has not made enough effort to stop it or prevent it from being used. So use the cheat, like everyone else does.
11. This guy is high level and uses his Dreads to smash any base it hits, how to stop this?
- We own the Dread also. Yes it can smash thru all defenses, there is no current defense set-up that can stop a well armed, skilled and determined Dread owner from smashing your base. Leave your base weak and it will be farmed. We suggest that you make your Base as strong as possible. Ask the attacker what to improve on. Most not all Dread owners will give you advice on what improvements to make.
12. An Alliance with high level players moved into our sector and is destroying every base that is not bubbled, what can we do?
- There are a few Alliances whos sole purpose is to do just that. Most in the clan own Dreads, Sea Scorpions, Cuda's and armed with such over powered ships they move from sector to sector to 'take over' or 'teach you a lesson' or 'make you quit'. Basically these clans are just roving gangs of punk Bullies who use their ships and cheats to overpower the weak players in every sector.
Fight back! You may not win but at least kick them in the shins to show you are not afraid of them. They thrive and live off your fear, the more scared you are, the longer they stay in your sector. Build strong Bases and keep your warehouses low on resources.
13. What is the best Sea Wolf to use; missiles or cannons?
- Depends on how you like to play. We suggest you build a fleet of both. Never use less than Engine 2 on a Sea Wolf. Never use less than Hard Barrel 3 on a Sea Wolf. If you do not have the technology to make it yet, wait until you do. Missile SW take out salvage ships, other fleets and even some Bases really well. Thud SW are great for rush attacks on other fleets.
14. Are the Siege Cannons any good?
- Not really. They are too short range and their accuracy is not too good. The so called 'speed bonus' you get with them is barely noticeable to make any difference. That said, a HammerHead armed with ALL Siege Cannons and HB3 does make an awesome 5th HH to include in your HH Base Attack Fleet. They will shred the defenders walls to pieces! We use them only on Dread and HH, we do not recommend putting the Siege Cannon on any lesser ship.
15. Lots of players have and use the Hailstorm Anti-mortar, is it worth using them?
- Yes they are worth using, even if you only have the Hailstorm A. They do an excellent job at shooting down enemy mortar shells fired at your ships. For ship vs ship battle we recommend 1 on every ship. For a Base attack fleet, we recommend no less than 10 total spread across the fleet. Hellstorm Anti-Mortar is now available to all players, do make use of it.
16. My sub fleet gets destroyed every time I try to use them, what is the secret to using subs?
- If they are destroyed real easy is because of two reasons:
- 1. You failed to put enough armor on the sub.
- 2. You have not learned the proper way to use them.
Subs main advantage is their stealth and main disadvantage is their surface time. You need to attack from a distance, never rush in close to your target. Always attack from a far distance. Watch the timer! When the timer reaches the 4 o'clock position you NEED to be moving away from the enemy so you are far enough away and out of their weapon range when your sub surfaces. Always use at least Engine 1/2 on Predator and no less than Engine 3 on a Stalker.
17. How can I defend myself against the Barracuda Sub?
- The best defense against the Cuda is another sub; the Stalker. The Stalker sub with heavy armor, armed with 1 long range missile and 3 Havok 4 Torps is your best defense.
18. My fleet get sunk by subs all the time, is there anything I can do?
- It takes a little bit of skill to deal with an attacking sub fleet. Subs disadvantage is their surface time and also the minimum range the torpedo can fire. Use SONAR on at least one of your ships to detect the subs. Move towards the subs, get in close so they can not fire their torpedo. Laser Targeting on your missiles + SONAR can hit a sub underwater if you are within the sonar range. If the subs surface you can use a Pinch Rocket on them, make sure you are close enough to destroy them with your ships weapons once they are stunned. A Pinch Rocket will destroy an un-armored sub. Spread out your fleet during combat, this forces the other player to maneuver them.
19. I have been salvaging for weeks without finding any Blueprints, why is that?
- If you are Blueprint hunting, make sure THATS ALL YOU DO. The streak breaker for finding blueprints resets IF you attack a base or fight another players fleet. Also, if you have not completed all the tier, the upper tier will not drop, the 3rd tier drop rate decreases IF you have not completed the 1st or 2nd tier. So hit those lower level salvages to complete the Tier 1 and Tier 2 blueprints before you waste more time looking for only Tier 3 blue prints. Once you complete Tiers 1 & 2, the drop rate increases for Tier 3 ...that is IF all you do is blueprint hunt, attack a base or other player fleet, the streak breaker will reset.
Once you complete Tiers 1 & 2, it is easy to collect the Tier 3 blueprints, hit 300-400 Level 8/9 salvage every day for about 3-4 weeks to collect them all.
20. What is a good Base Attack Fleet?
- Depends on the ships and technology available to you and also how the base your attacking is defended.
- Low Level: Marauders with Diplomat Mortars
- Mid Level: Battle Barge or Levi armed with Peacemaker Mortar or Drac Mortar
- High Level: FF or HH armed with Drac Mortars or Missiles
- Special Armor such as Reactive Armor, Albative Armor or Layered Armor is highly recommended
- Hellstorm/Hailstorm Anti-mortar is recommended for bases with more than 1 mortar
- Max Armor on the ships you use - Do not reduce armor for more weapons
21. What exactly is a Strong Base?
- Minimum Level 3 Turrets and Walls - easily done before you are level 23
- A good mix of the base weapons and turret specials available to you in the Weapons Lab.
- A channel into your base that has several tight turns
- 1 or more walls in between your turrets, we recommend double walls
- All Warehouses and Operation Post fortified and are far enough in to be protected from fire outside your base
- A square Base is an invitation that says 'Farm me often' - Do not have a square base!
- Minimum 2 Flak and 2 Bombard
- Concentrate and overlap areas of fire by the weapon turrets onto the avenue of approach the enemy will use
- Placement of defense weapon turrets depends on strictly the base design you choose to have
- Upgrade to Level 4 turrets and walls as soon as possible, we know this takes time but DO IT!
- Always have a defending fleet in your base
22. My fleet has an Officer and still is slower than my other fleets of the same ships, any suggestions?
- Chances are, the fleet you ask about is in the Fleet #1 slot of your Docks. There is some sort of speed glitch/problem with any fleet you place into this slot. Kixeye is aware of this age old problem and still has not come up with a fix for it. Use slot #1 for your defending fleet since it wont be going any where or use it as a repair shop for ships that are repairing.
23. There is one player who lives in a bubble for months and months but attacks fleets only, how to deal with him?
- Kixeye allows players to buy bubble protection. The are not players of the game, they are bubble babies. They thrive on annoying the real players of the game by sinking their miners and attacking their fleets while enjoying the soft comfort bubble only money can buy. Most are coiners who have no real game skills. Ignore them and hope they go away, they live and thrive on attention, don't give them any. Don't chat with them. Don't talk about them. Fight them when they attack you, sink their fleets if they leave any out.
- Most of these bubble babies will quit or relocate if they see they are getting no attention
24. My daughter showed me in the Comms that someone was using vulgar, foul language. Should I Ignore them?
- There are many people who think the Internet is where you can do anything you want, whenever you want and be totally anonymous about it. These immature players (most not all, are kids) and behave online in ways they would never dare to in real life.
- Make screenshots of the vulgar foul language, make sure they are legible and send them to Kixeye Support
- If you place them on Ignore, you will not be able to make screenshots to report them
25. Attackers come to my base and hit only the outside rim, what can I do?
- Rim Licking is now a common occurrence.
- The attacker may not be strong enough to attack your base in whole, so they take what they can get.
- You can easily deter them from coming back. Remove most or all of your Resource Gatherers, you don't need them.
26. I am level 24 and no one wants to help open salvage for me anymore, why is that?
- The main reason is because by Level 23 these things should already be in place by YOU:
- ALL of your turrets, walls, weapons already be at Level 3
- You SHOULD already have Eng1/2 researched
- You SHOULD already have Havok Torpedo 4 researched
- You SHOULD already have Predator Subs researched
- You SHOULD already have a Fleet of Longboats and/or Pedator Subs to take out Salvage BY YOURSELF with NO help.
- No excuses - do not rely on other people to keep coddling you, by Level 23, you SHOULD be self sufficient.
27. Are there any items not worth researching?
- YES, DU 2 and DU 3 Armor. We have not found ANY use for either of these, don't waste time or resources getting them.
28. Which if any of the weapons are not worth using?
- We have have found NO use for: Rapier Missiles, Impact Cannons.
29. I was considering an ALL ROCKET ship to build. Is this a good idea?
- YES! A ship armed with ALL rockets is indeed good to have.
- If you are lucky enough to have Drac Cluster Warheads, Absolutely Yes!
- Insert one or two rocket ships into a fleet to bolster the fleets firepower
A ship armed with all Rockets is devestating. Be aware that rockets do not fire at long ranges, so you will need to get in close. Their firepower is spread over a wide range.
30. What secret tech are you 'older players' not sharing with most of us new guys?
- While it is no secret yet lots of 'older' players don't mention much is: Evade and Guidence Scrambler.
- Evade will prevent a certain amount of ALL weapons from striking your ship
- The higher your ships 'evade' is, the more likely it will take less damage ;-)
31. I was doing so good until I hit level 40, now everyone is attacking me!
- Players who hit Level 40 enter into a 'SHARK TANK' along with all the big and small sharks. You should have a GOOD Base by this time. This is what the game is about: attack and be attacked. When you enter the shark tank, anyone level 40+ can and will attack your base.
- This is where the game seperates the Pirates from the Whining Weenies.

Information contained on this site is from an assorted group of long term players spanning many sectors
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