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Base Defense
Minimum Base Defense: All Turrets, Sentinals, Victory Mortars, Howitzer and Walls to be Level 3, not less.
- You can easily achieve this by Level 23
Operations Post to be Level 4 or 5 !!
OP4 is 'OK' however DO get OP5 as soon as possible!
- OP5 gives you 85 Land Squares and 14 Turrets
Current good base designs have a spiral pattern, zig-zag entrance that incorporates numerous turns
- Do not use a straight approach into your base - this design is defeated much too easy
- DO NOT have a square base - this is a HUGE sigh that says "Farm me - Often!"
- Piss off Rim-Lickers by removing most of your resource gathers (you don't need them! ...salvage is so easy to get)
Concentrate your Firepower onto the enemy avenue of approach.
Protect all of your Turrets with multiple walls, double or triple if possible.
The Anti-Mortar weapon available to the players may make Base Mortar's obsolete (?) - if this is so, use more Howitzers and Sentinals
Ask stronger players to attack your Base, this will reveal any weak areas that need your attention to improve your defenses.
Upgrade all Turrets and base weapons to Level 4 as soon as possible, this may take some time but well worth it.
Use Subs with the extra time submerged special for your base defense
No Base is totally impregnable! However, do make it as difficult as possible

Fortify is not necessary however many players believe it helps as a defensive measure.
- Operations Post, Warehouse's and Docks are KEY TARGETS when attackers come, so do fortify these key buildings.
- Other buildings are not important. Fortify them if you have nothing better to do.

Fleet Defense
Ship control - Learn to control your ships in battle - this is KEY and can not be stressed enough!

Sector Defense
Sector Defense relies on the cooperation of the players in the entire sector.
The North and South are your natural enemies, expect them to attack your fleets and bases frequently.
Use the Comms to send out Alerts to the entire sector.
Do not be afraid to assault the attacker because they are a much higher level than you. You can inflict serious damage to their fleets using Submarines and Longboats.
When new players arrive from another sector, offer them the choice: Friend or Farm
- No need to send out dozens of explanations, plain and simple: Friend or Farm
- When they choose Farm, it is everyone's responsibility to make sure the Farm gets lots of attention
- They choose to crap where they eat - so let them eat crap!
- Sink every ship they send out
- Destroy their Base every time their bubble pops
- These Pirate wannabe are only looking for low level weak players to pick on and abuse - Do not let them do it!
- Do not be intimidated by these so called Pirate Bully's - no talk, let your fleets do the talking for you
- Tell them to go play Evony, Travian or Mafia Wars where picking on only the weak is an accepted practice

Old time Pirates most always abided by a Code of Conduct amongst themselves, failure to follow it meant death, flogging or marooning
Battle Pirates the game, has given you natural allies (your sector) and natural enemies (the North and South sector)
Most sectors, not all, have the no attacking in sector rule ...just plain common sense!

Information contained on this site is from an assorted group of long term players spanning many sectors
Battle Pirates | Battle Pirates Attack | Battle Pirates Defense | Battle Pirates Ships | Battle Pirates Cheats | Tips and Tricks | Game Answers | Drac Weapons

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